Joaquin Phoenix keeps is on the plain about the role as The Joker

The actor is the big favorite for The Joker to play in a special film about the days before he scoundrel, was.

Joaquin Phoenix refuses to confirm that he is preparing to be in the shoes of Batman villain The Joker.

The actor is, according to many, the favourite to be the figurehead of the DC Comics-project of Todd Phillips. Who wants to make a movie about The Joker.

There are rumors that Joaquin interviews have been conducted over the iconic role. Confirm he wanted, however.

“I don’t know really, I don’t know,” he told Collider in response to a question about his involvement. The actor had, however, intimated that he would otherwise face as his predecessors if he is ever The Joker play.

“There are different interpretations of his character,” he said. “It is very interesting and I think there is probably room for is. Maybe it is like you a play play and the actors themselves give color to the part they have to play.”

Joaquin thinks that the genre, comic books, for a large part makes possible the different people of the same character and play the character in a different way to interpret it. “It is on the one way or the other in the source material built in. I think it’s cool when people do that.”

The Joker movie from director Phillips is still in pre-production, but judging on the werkscenario seems to be the villain to be followed in the period before he turned into a malicious clownmisdadiger.

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