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Harry Kane gets there after a complaint is still a doelpuntje in Premier League

The Premier League Tottenham-topschutter Harry Kane Wednesday, an extra goal is awarded. The winning goal Saturday, when the party from Tottenham to Stoke (1-2), was initially attributed to the Danish playmaker Christian Eriksen. But after a complaint from Kane, who insisted on the ball to have touched, came in the Premier League on Wednesday back on that decision and gave the goal to the English striker.

With that extra goal comes Kane on 25 hits this season, four less than the topschutter of the Premier League, the Egyptian Mohammed Salah (Liverpool).

“I swear on the head of my daughter that I have the ball”, was Kane very clear Saturday. Christian Eriksen was convinced that Kane scored. “He celebrated as if his goal was. I believed that as well.”

Kane was in Stoke for the first time since the beginning of march to the start of a Premier League match. He jogged in between with ankle injury.

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