Fierce fight in Boxing Stars

In the third episode of Boxing Stars, on Thursday, april 12, to take four heavyweights the boxing glove on. In the women crawl Eline De Munck, Hilde De Baerdemaeker the boxing ring. When the men are fighting powerhouses Bill Barberis and Hans Van Alphen. Who are the opponents of Marie Verhulst and Kamal Kharmach in the finals of the heavyweights?

Bill Barberis: “I think It’s very tough against Hans. I think I have a little bit of the underdog, go against such a condition and such muscles. Only when I’m in the ring, starts it for me and I really want to win.”

In this episode two giants of hawking and peers against each other: the 36-year-old Bill Barberis and Hans Van Alphen. There rests a heavy burden on the broad shoulders of Bill. After all he is the only participant of Boxing Stars who are also in the first edition of the program with CAZ in the ring was. After his defeat put Bill are bokstrainingen further. He now gets a rematch against ex-olympian Hans Van Alphen. His girlfriend and biggest supporter Tanya is the driving force behind Bill, and she believes in his abilities: “He is there during the preparation for gone. I am looking forward to his progression.”

Hans Van Alphen: “In athletics, I always have everything under control and now that is not so, so that is really something totally new for me. I am naturally very calm, but I do think that I hard can save.”

Hans continued, among others by his superb fourth place at the Olympic Games in London, decathlon on the map in Belgium. Now he’s going for a gold medal against the Bill. Kim, the wife of Hans duimt the mood for a good outcome: “He is actually quite calm in nature, so I hope he’s here the beast in itself can be releasing and that we take a completely different side of him.” During the filming of the camp was just wrong. If an incorrect motion shot of the shoulder of Hans from the bowl.

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