EXCLUSIVE with Private to the Rijksmuseum

Friday april 13 the Rijksmuseum, after closing time, opened exclusively for the readers of Private. You can then, while enjoying a drink and live music to enjoy the exhibition of the year: High Society.

This exhibition consists of 39 life-size portraits of the most famous masters of painting, including the world famous painting Marten & Oopjen of Rembrandt.

A photographer is this evening present to the visitors in a professional portrait. You can have the photo with beautiful jewelry of Gassan Diamonds, and shawls of Hellen van Berkel, who is the museum for this occasion, on loan. The photo you will of course get to take home, but this will also get a nice spot in the State.

Costs of this night: 25 euros. On is on, so please order your tickets via

Marten & Oopjen

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