Dozens dead in Indonesia by illegal alcohol

In Indonesia in the recent weeks more than a hundred people died after drinking home-alcohol, reports to the police of the Asian country. Dozens of victims are still in the hospital.

Especially in the capital Jakarta and in the neighboring province of West Java in the past days a lot of people died after drinking illegal alcohol. In the hospitals, there are still dozens of patients who suffer from shortness of breath, lose consciousness and suffer a reduced visibility. The hospitals complain that the influx of new patients can’t handle.

‘This insane phenomenon has in the past week to huge losses led’, reports the Indonesian police. “We need to the bone to figure out who the culprits are.’

By itself, alcohol fire can be dangerous methanol arise. From labotesten also shows that the creators of the drinks pure alcohol had mixed with a kruidenbrouwsel and energy drinks. In one of the illegal cocktails, the police even traces of an insect repellent found in a other was cough syrup.


The Indonesian police has launched a crackdown against the illegal distilleries. During different raids in homes and marketplaces are the large storage tanks found in which the illegal cocktails were mixed. Thousands of bottles and plastic bags with alcoholic drinks were confiscated.

While these actions were a total of eleven suspects were arrested. “From the preliminary investigation has not shown that they were part of a large, organised gang’, says a politiewoordvoerder. ‘On the contrary. They all worked on their own, each according to its own methods.’

Sky-high excise duties

Alcohol in Indonesia, the largest muslim country in the world, is not prohibited, but the government has, however sky-high excise duties. In 2015, she decided in addition to the sale of legal alcohol in thousands of stores to prohibit. Many people seek their salvation in home alcohol. According to the Indonesian police, illegal alcohol sold at rock bottom prices of converted less than 1 euro per bottle.

The current death toll may unseen high, new is the problem in Indonesia is not. Two years ago died, for example, 36 people once they a home-strong drink had drunk.

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