Bill Cosby pushed himself oral on me’

The case against Bill Cosby keeps the tempers in America quite busy. On Tuesday testified music teacher Heidi Thomas from Colorado against the once-beloved ” Dr. Huxtable’. According to the wife he has her in 1984 drunk, and then she woke up in bed with a naked Cosby on top of her, which forced her to oral sex.

Heidi was in that period to make a name as an actress and Cosby agreed her mentor. She declared to the American place Reno traveled to the actor, there to meet and continued to eventually end up with him staying on a ranch outside the city. He gave Heidi a script and asked her to play the role of a woman under the influence. He offered her a white wine, making them drunk with her. The first thing that they then could remember, the image of a naked Cosby who are oral to her was needed.

Heidi, who was 24 years, felt terrible and thought she Bill perhaps the idea was given that there was something sexual between them could take place, which is absolutely not her intention. “I need something to have said that he is wrong has conceived.” The woman said in court that she was never a financial remedy has searched after the incident. Wednesday should they re-appear to her story to explain to do.

The 80-year-old Cosby was there according to various media’, scornfully laughing at’ and seemed not impressed by the accusations to his address.

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