Beau: ’Gosschalk wanted me to get my pants pulled up for nude photos’

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Former castingdirector Job Gosschalk, in the nineties to Beau van Erven Dorens proposed nude photos to make and to sell. That explains that Beau is now closely involved feels for the victims of sexual abuses in the acteurswereld, he told RTL Boulevard.

The lawyer Kemna Casting had the RTL-presenter Wednesday, just before the broadcast even ordered not to speak about the article on the casting agency and the sexual crossing behavior of Gosschalk. Beau pulled away, however, make nothing of to and torn in front of the camera to the threatening letter with the requirements of the lawyer.

Beau had worked on the articles in The Telegraph and Nieuwe Revu. Herein he expresses his surprise about the outcome of the Dutch #MeToo-discusie, after dozens of actors on the call had pulled over abuses during castings.


Wednesday turned out that the links between Job Gosschalk and Kemna Casting still not been completely severed, while the misconduct of the castingdirector a half years ago came out. “In America would Kemna don’t exist anymore and would Job in the prison, but this is where the board is still firmly in the saddle and is the message that after the scandal remains: no one makes us anything and all the actors who have their mouth open, have been there,” says Beau in The Telegraph.

RTL explained to Beau again from what he of the matter. “We have this thing to see explode. It comes to many, often young actors. Those that have their heart and soul with us poured out and in other media. Who have their story told what has happened to them. These people have put their trust given to us. There is then nothing happened. And everyone loves Kemna and Job the hand above the head. I get it though, because Kemna is a bastion for thirty years, standing on end.”

’Naked guys”

Beau has a bad experience with Gosschalk, he said. Previously, he wrote about it in columns. “In 1994, I have also compared him stood. He said that it would be a good idea that I put my pants would take off so he has pictures of me in Germany could sell. He showed me a folder with all naked guys with erections. That has always been in the back of my mind sat. I wanted to give myself not on the foreground, but think that I the victims need support. Still, I think.”

The letter from the lawyer came, according to Revu journalist Frank Waals a minute before the broadcast of RTL Boulevard began. New Revu got Tuesday night a similar letter in which the lawyer demanded the entire edition to withdraw from the distribution centers. That was impossible, says a Walloon.

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