Aurora comes to Trix, Antwerp

Norwegian singer-songwriter AURORA went well and smoothly over the tongues of the hippest music blogs and media in 2015 with her debuutsingles “Runaway” and “Running with the Wolves”. Her beautiful and flawless voice spirited everyone from the first listen. Soon she had worldwide the top of the Spotify charts reached. Aurora’s streamingcijfers are particularly impressive. More than 500 million streams is a lot. Very much. When you pop stars Katy Perry and Troye Sivan to your admirers can expect, is that some really enjoy.

After a passage Coming later this summer, returns to Aurora this fall back to the stage for her biggest headline shows in Europe so far to play. With new work, whose release is scheduled for later this year. There is always something very special to her dark electronic pop music. Something alien, as it were. Her secret and strength however, is her unique personality. Aurora’s aura. Dancing and under the spell of the rhythm of her own music, she is on a stage, completely in her element. That earned her an extremely loyal fanbasis of ‘warriors’ on, from the deepest corner of South America to the smallest village in Australia and the metropolis in Europe.

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