At least twenty dead in attempted escape in Brazilian prison

In an attempted escape in a prison in the north of Brazil there are at least twenty deaths. It reports the secretariat for Interior Security of the state of Pará, in the north.

According to local media arrived one guard, and nineteen prisoners to life. There are also several wounded. Four warders were injured, one of whom seriously.

“The breakaway was supported by a group outside the prison, heavily armed, was’, according to a communication from the secretariat. The group used explosives against one of the walls. ‘According to the first information had of the prisoners have weapons.’

The battles were according to the security forces as intense as in a war, and the warders had to defend themselves against attackers both inside and outside the prison.

The authorities still don’t know whether there are prisoners who managed to escape.

The prison is located in Santa Isabel, a place in the city of Belém.

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