At Hag frustrated by prejudices and misunderstandings

Ajax-trainer Erik ten Hag is Wednesday, exactly 100 days in service at Ajax. So far, the adventure in Amsterdam was not unexpected success for the tukker.

Ajax-trainer Erik ten Hag.

“If your trainer is of Ajax, there are many people who have an opinion about you. You know that”, the Hag, who last winter happened. “There are many misunderstandings about me. There are so many stempeltjes set, but they save so often miss the mark. It was called that I have a defensive coach would be, for example. That is really nonsense. Under my leadership, several clubs are very attractive and creative football played.”

“There are players who are mega-developments have gone through, that international have become. There were players who, according to the outside world ‘hard to handle’, but that under me explosive could grow. Of opinion that something else preach, I try to be as less as possible attention. I’m actually not even against ward.”

Under Erik ten Hag is the gap to PSV has grown from five to seven points.

At Hag appreciates the honesty in the capital, but can also interfere. “With the Locals, you know where you stand. And I can be there in. Moreover, I am someone who adapts. When I last winter, was introduced, I often heard ” that Tukker fits not at all in Amsterdam.” What a prejudice.”

In spite of everything looks At the Hag with a “good” feeling back on his first 100 days. “Ajax is what concerns me the most fascinating club in the Netherlands. There is always activity. That, I think, has to do with the Amsterdam culture and mentality. Amsterdammers love beautiful, elegant and stylish. In addition, they are directly and only accept the best. Everything below is bad.”

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