Amal Clooney is open about relationship with George

Amal Clooney opened specially for the American Vogue, the doors of the English mansion she shares with husband George and their twin boys, Alexander and Ella. The human rights lawyer explains in an exclusive interview with the magazine that being in love with George quite naturally went’.

“I always hoped that there is a kind of all-encompassing love, which you do not the pros and cons against each other, do away streaks. I was 35 when I George met and asked me often: when I met ’my man’? I saw the founding of a family, was not yet real then, but about finding happiness, you have no control. And then it happened suddenly,” says Amal.

She met the hollywood star in 2013 in his home in Italy, where she came with a mutual friend. Also George’s parents were that evening happen to be visiting, giving them their prospective daughter-in-law, so already at an early stage met. “We just kept talking to each other, it was such a fun and relaxing evening.” George and Amal sent each other after their meeting emails over and over again, causing the spark spread.

Clooney himself was also not keen on a marriage, after his first marriage had gone sour and he has a zipper on friends worn. But with Amal, everything was different, he confessed to talkshowhost David Letterman earlier this year. “She was so fascinating, I was in love when I met her. I felt immediately: from her I have to work. And that was successful.”

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