Also Zuckerbergs data leaked

Facebook-ceo Mark Zuckerberg during the hearing in the House of Representatives said that his personal data are leaked.

After the hearing yesterday in the Senate, the ceo of Facebook today two committees in the House of Representatives to speak to. The surprise came from California congressman Anna Eshoo. She asked if all of the victims have already been contacted. “We are working on it,” replied Zuckerberg. Then she asked if also are data in Cambride Analytica path. That turned out to be the case.

Yet there is the hearing before the U.s. House of Representatives largely a repetition of that of Tuesday in the Senate. However, identify a number of congressmen as it is a very concrete yes/no questions where Zuckerberg clearly uncomfortable. As early Democratic congressman Frank Pallone or Zuckerberg is prepared to declare that Facebook now fewer users ‘ data will collect. ‘That is a complex question that earns more than a yes/no answer, ” said that are uncomfortable, which Pallone said ‘disappointed’. The Republican Joe Barton asked whether Zuckerberg wanted to promise to make no more data to share of people younger than 18. Also, that question escaped him.

The rise of the hearings is the way in which the data of tens of millions of American citizens (and in total up to 87 million people) were at Cambridge Analytica. That company used that data to build psychological profiles and then to voters, to lobbying with political messages that are adapted to that profile.

The chance that there is legislation coming that Facebook regulates, seems also to be increasing, though it is not yet clear whether the deeply divided Congress, the text may become.

Zuckerberg repeated what he yesterday said that he accepts that regulations for the internet.


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