Writers of unexpected horrorhit ‘A Quiet Place’ breed already on the sequel

John Krasinski’s’A Quiet Place’ is on the first place in the North American box-office. The inventive horror film surpassed 50 million dollar all expectations and is thus the second-best opening weekend of 2018, after the 202 million dollar superheldenfilm ‘Black Panther’ quite a lot. Screenwriters Bryan Woods and Scott Beck are, according to filmsite Screenrant already have some ideas for a sequel, which there almost certainly is.

The film tells the story of an entrenched family that desperately tries to survive in a dystopian world. The post-apocalyptic earth is populated by beings who through a highly developed organ of hearing people hunt by sound. The film only has four actors and is set largely in one place. Silence plays a key role, and is used as an additional form of tension.

By the unexpected success of ‘A Quiet Place’ is a sequel as good as fixed. There is even a real franchise considered. The film got rave reviews from the specialist press, and also the reactions of moviegoers, are especially positive.

After two mediocre indiefilms, this is the third feat of arms of John Krasinski as a director. He was several years in the limelight with his starring role in the American version of ‘The Office’ (2005 to 2013) and has also a leading role in his film.

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