William Spaaij, ‘analyst in themselves, letting go in relationships

William Spaaij has to say that the tendency to express feelings too much to analyze.

“I must learn to be in a relationship analyst in me let go,” says Spaaij, that three months ago his relationship with Daisy Dune broke, in Viva.

The musicalacteur states that he is “a woman more of a woman” should be. “I’m a manly man and fall on female women. That can like the wind on all sides blow. And that wind will I still have to give direction.”

The 35-year-old Spaaij, who previously had a relationship with Noortje Herlaar, says she learned a lot in the past few years in regards to relationships. So he is very different today to heartbreak.


“Of course it is very tempting to again by all sorts of datingapps to dig, but I consciously do not. If I now with five women at the same time contact, I would be very restless and not happy. I find it much more interesting to only at home, and my sadness, to experience and embrace.”

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