Will production company Marmalade survive or not?

Heading a production house Marmalade straight up to the bankruptcy? Their musical `The Little Mermaid’ is in each case prematurely discontinued, writes Day All. There were three performances in Hasselt planned, but cancelled. After the production company’s financial craters punched with a series of expensive spectacles, had to be forced to look for funding. A mysterious sponsor would provide the answer, as it sounded at the end of 2017. And also the income from the musical `The Little Mermaid’ would be used to the pits to mute. In december looked at Marmalade at a monsterbedrag of less than 756.947 euro of overdue payments. The performances of ‘The Little Mermaid’ in Ghent seemed to comfort them, but now the future looks bright again bleak. Many actors still have a lot of money.

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