“We are a country of yogasnuivers’

The first chief of police of the National Police in the Netherlands, wants to lose ‘normalised’ drug use in the country.

Police chief Erik Akerboom suggested the Netherlands as a country of yogasnuivers’ on an international politietop in Rotterdam. Highly educated persons in their twenties and thirties seek an ultra healthy life after the week, “she said,” but on the weekends drunk and take cocaine and various other pills. In this way, drug use is normalized. Romanticized.’

‘Of that image we must be off’, says Akerboom. How? ‘By working closer together’, at the national, European and international level. The call will find resonance with the Dutch minister of Security and Justice Ferdinand Grapperhaus. Who realizes, reportedly, any ‘shameful role’ in the Netherlands has in the world in the field of drug production and trafficking.

One hundred million

‘By the hard-hitting approach of criminal networks, we will ensure that the role of the Netherlands becomes smaller, ” says Grappenhaus. “We do this by more criminal ability to tackle and better international cooperation. There will also be increased penalties for participation in a criminal organisation.’ The minister makes a hundred million euro extra for free.

But the Dutch public broadcaster NOS points out director Jan Brouwer from the Centre for Public Safety and Order to ensure that the call of Akerboom is at odds with the policy of the Dutch government, more specifically, on the initiative of the government to the cannabis cultivation in six municipalities as a pilot scheme to legalise’. “And if you calls for responsibility among drug users, then you must use also a criminal offence – and that is not now’, says Brouwer. He thinks Akerboom especially hoping for additional money for the National Police.

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