Van Dijk: ‘It’s heavy, very heavy’

Virgil van Dijk is since Liverpool him last winter wegkocht at Southampton a fixed value in The Reds. Now follow the duels rapidly for the internationals. Physical demands the many, but Van Dijk feels in his head fresh.

Virgil van Dijk has played since his debut at FC Groningen in 2011, almost 300 duels at the highest level.

“It is heavy, very heavy. But you want nothing more to miss if it’s going so well. Now beckons the semi-finals. I say to myself that I still have a month and a half should hold. And each race gives me a kick. I enjoy this immensely,” says Van Dijk.

“Do not forget that we are now also three games in six days to play. Sunday was a day of rest after the Everton-off. You’re in this phase mainly involved with repair. On a day like today (Monday, ed.) we talk about the plays that we have for the match against City. We prepared incredibly well. On the day of the race, we take again the tactical aspects.

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Virgil van Dijk is the media word.

Van Dijk posits, despite the resounding 3-0 victory at Anfield Road is still not rich. “We need the same things as in the game. I call it the mindset that must be good. Look, you’re playing against the best team of the world. City is the upcoming champion. That word not just in the Premier League.”

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