UN: no confirmation use poison gas in Douma

GENEVA – the Staff of the United Nations in Syria could not confirm that last weekend, chemical weapons have been deployed in Douma, a devastated and embattled suburb of Damascus. According to a spokeswoman of the World health organization (WHO), there are in the last days, however, people treated the breathing problems. Or that health issues something with chemical weapons, could the WHO not on-the-spot fix.

Also, social workers of the refugee organisation Unhcr and the noodhulpbureau Ocha of the UN has no own information about the use of chemical weapons. The UN may only sporadically the embattled enclave Duma. Exist there extremist islamic combat groups and working Syrian workers who are fierce opponents of the regime of Syrian president Assad. They suggested that the Syrian armed forces last Saturday with poison gas have thrown.

The embattled Duma is about to fall into the hands of Assad, partly because the main post, the Jaish al-Islam (Army of Islam), last weekend eventually agreed with their Russian-controlled retreat towards the North-Syria. Russian media suggest that messages about attacks with chemical weapons often are scattered in the Syrian civil war in an attempt to western military action against Assad to provoke.

The Us secretary of Defense James Mattis has in February when prompted, admitted that the intelligence agencies no evidence that pro-Regime army, for example, nerve gas has deployed. UN chief António Guterres has Tuesday called for an impartial investigation into the reports.

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