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The Simpsons on criticism on ‘stereotypical’ Apu: ‘What are you doing?”

The creators of the popular tv series ‘The Simpsons’ have the character of Lisa to respond to the criticism that the Indian manager Apu to be stereotyped is proposed. Nevertheless responded a lot of viewers displeased.

The reaction of the daughter of the house, usually the moral conscience of the series, as a lukewarm experience.

It was the comedian Hari Kondabolu that in 2017 the cat the bell aanbond with the documentary, The Problem with Apu, in which he told that the character Apu Nahasapeemapetilon is very stereotypical, it was proposed.

Now the creators of the animated series responded. “Something that dozens of years was praised and as non-offensive gold, is now politically incorrect. What should you do with them? ‘ says Lisa in the episode of last Sunday. It shows the stereotypical image of migrants has been addressed, when the mother of Lisa, Margin, reads from a book about immigrants. She looks at a picture of Apu on her bedside table with the heading ‘Don’t have a cow’ (don’t worry). Thus seem the makers have little attract from the critics.

On Twitter garnered the episode a lot of criticism. “Wow,” responded a documentary filmmaker Kandabolu. “Politically incorrect? Is that the result of my film and the discussion that followed? I loved this program. This is sad.’ He added that for him, The Simpsons used to be yellow, but in the last episode ‘very white’.

Time Magazine wrote that the episode is fans ‘only angrier’. Film critic William Mullally of the television channel al-Arabiya described the reaction of the creators as ‘indifferent and irritated shrug of the shoulders’.

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