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The man who is all of 14 years ‘sorry’ says

Facebookbaas Mark Zuckerberg is on Tuesday on the mat called for the U.s. Senate. The word ‘sorry’ is likely to be several times on the lips. The Washington Post shows that that is not for the first time.

Tuesday afternoon, our time, Mark Zuckerberg to a committee of the Us Senate to explain how the data of 87 million people were at Cambridge Analytica, that they would have misused or abused for political influence. Wednesday, he will once again, for the House of Representatives. If his attitude is in line with his statements of the past few days, he will probably the responsibility-taking, and also look for excuse.

That he did, in november 2003, for the first time, according to a timeline of the American newspaper The Washington Post. “This was not the intention, sorry if I harm anyone I have caused,” she said after he ‘Facemash’ was developed. a website on which the pictures of two random students next to each other were placed and the user had to judge who the best was. Already after a few days it was the derogatory website offline.

His first official Facebookgerelateerde ‘sorry’ came in 2006, after the introduction of the News Feed on the social medium. “This we have now really screwed up,” she said. His latest apology for the scandal around Cambridge Analytica dates back to earlier this year, when he changes to Facebook announced. “We currently make too many mistakes. It will be a year of serious self-improvement.’

The full timeline of apologies can be found on the website of The Washington Post.

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