SBS presenter Kees van der Spek will get knocks in Poland

Kees van der Spek has when recording in the Polish Krakow blows. When he Crooks abroad, filmed in a nightclub, turned it from a scuffle with two muscular bouncers, reports SBS. The images are next week to see when the new season starts.

Kees van der Spek

The vechtpartijtje arises as Kees discovers that he is 88 euro has paid for a glass of lemonade instead of champagne.

The presenter is late for the program by the props at a number of ’wrong’ clubs to within lure, and as well as in a club, where in 2015 a British tourist after a case of extortion was beaten up and blind at one eye hit. In addition, he explains how scantily clad ladies are a credit card try to skimmen.

In the new season of Crooks in the country, the presenter, in addition to Poland, also to Los Angeles, London, Nepal, Kenya and Thailand.

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