Queen Elizabeth inspiration for Angelina Jolie

The meeting between Jolie and the British her majesty the queen in 2014 has left a deep impression on the American actress.

The large admiration that Angelina Jolie has for queen Elizabeth served as inspiration for the making of the documentary The Queen’s Green Planet. That explains the 42-year-old actress in the British tv-special in which Jolie with her six children travelling to Namibia.

“To come here and to the children to explain why it is important to plant trees. That is the most important message that I can give and that is something that they have learned of queen Elizabeth,” says Jolie.

In 2014, met Jolie, the majesty, when the American actress at Buckingham Palace, was appointed Honorary Dame. She got this title for her efforts for the foreign policy of the United Kingdom and efforts to end sexual violence in war zones.

“I tried during the journey to the children to explain that the queen is a very sweet woman who really cares about all the people in the world and that the future is very important. She wants her grandchildren but the grandchildren of another can grow in a world where they can enjoy nature and other cultures. I totally agree,” explains Jolie in the documentary.

The documentary is mainly about the environmental project for The Queen’s Canopy, that is launched to Gemenebestlanden to unite in the field of nature conservation. The Queen’s Green Planet is on Monday, april 16 premiere.

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