Not only Feeling for the tumor to abroad

After many successes over the border, is also Feeling For Tumor sold abroad. The Newspaper wonders how that is. “Flanders provides today quality, and on that basis, we will buy series,” says Xiao Juan Zhou, CEO of the Canadian sales agent Attraction. “We have Code 37 and The Gang of Jan The Light in our portfolio. All sequences that we have individually on their quality have been selected.” Also Walter Iuzzolino of ‘Walter Presents’ the company that series purchases for the British Channel 4 praises the level of Flemish productions. “Flemish drama is refreshingly different, with an elegant layer of old varnish, including a smart story”, says Iuzzolino so far is the “Flanders is the new Scandinavia”, the well-known quality label as the dark crimi’s arrive.

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