Marriage of Patje and Loredana comes closer

Loredana gave last year in the program ‘Come and Eat,” that they gradually began to hope for a marriage proposal. The singer, who already for a number of solonummers recorded says to All that there is absolutely no rush, but she really dreams of a feast and a long white dress. Three years Pat Krimson and Loredana are already a couple, and in total they work as 2Fabiola this year already ten years together. According to Pat, it is a marriage, but will not yet for this year. First, he wants a clear schedule, so they know where they are within this and five years in their life. Enjoy in between all the busy activities by remains the main issue for the couple. In 2020, Patje 55 years) and he will be 30 years in the profession sit. Maybe that’s the time for him to build and other things to do. After a radio interview had to Pat in the newspapers read that he’s going to stop, but that is not the case at all! With “Break Away” performed by 2 Fabiola recently even a new single out.

Text: Nico Vanaken

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