“Jennifer Aniston crushed Brad’s love for Angelina-lookalike’

Now Brad Pitt are liefdesgeluk seems to have found in professor Neri Oxman, is the heart of Jennifer Aniston again broken.

And again breaks Brad Pitt the heart of Jennifer Aniston

They would have hoped for an eventual reunification since her own divorce from Justin Theroux in February of this year. Since they are again single, she should contact her ex – with whom she once Hollywood’s perfect couple was – again have cited. But also already talked to Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt together again regularly, the last one looking for the romance rather be with someone else.

Brad Pitt falls for professor Neri Oxman

Painful for Jennifer, reports an insider to Hollywood Life. “Jen is collapsed when the rumors heard that Brad dating is with Angelina Jolie-lookalike, professor Neri Oxman spoke. They had hoped for a possible reconciliation with Brad, since she’s back in touch.”

Fairy tale

“The timing of her divorce could not have her better and saw them in thoughts of their shared fairy tale all end in: ‘and they lived happily ever after”. Finally, Jennifer always of him.” No strange thought of Aniston if you like Star Magazine are to be believed: according to them, would the two meet regularly late at night take.

And no one less than George Clooney would be in their contact mediated: he was glad that his good friend Angelina Jolie was finished, that he doesn’t like. And during her separation would Jennifer a lot of support to Pitt.

Jennifer is mad at Brad, but he does prefer friendship


At the same time claim to be other media that the two each other properly in years not to have spoken. How the between the two ex-lovers exactly, we will in any case not from Jennifer’s mouth to hear: not for nothing is she known for the private keeping of her love life.

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