Israeli party break link with Labour

JERUSALEM – The Israeli army, Ha’Avoda has the relationship with the British sister organisation, Labour lost. The Israeli social-democrats condemn Jeremy Corbyn, who, according to them, anti-semitism has tolerated.

Jeremy Corbyn

Party leader Avi Gabbay has his British colleague in a letter compelled to feel him to point out the hostility that Labour against the jewish community has radiated. “And on the anti-semitic comments and actions that you as the leader of Labour UK have admitted.”

Gabbay refers, inter alia, on media reports that executives of, among others, Corbyn via the social media of anti-semitic texts proliferated. Sir David Garrard, one of the largest sponsors of Labour, the party has, therefore, turned their back on. Gabbay is also not to speak about Corbyns understanding for the Palestinian cause.

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