George Clooney had a dog ‘communicate’ for flirting with wife

George Clooney and his wife Amal have a long back and forth e-mailed before they went on a date. The actor e-mailed the human rights lawyer regularly in the name of his dog Einstein.

Einstein ‘sent’ messages from precarious situations, says Amal Clooney (40) in conversation with Vogue. So he asked her to help if he is somewhere got stuck, or legal assistance. The lawyer sends an email with a lot of friends, but noticed that the messages of the actor led to more than a friendship.

“She then told me” I don’t know what I should find, but I find him really fun. And he is coming tomorrow!!!'”, thus Amal Clooneys cousin, who was one of the first who knew of the romance.

Clooney (56) and his wife met with him in Italy at home, after which they are messages sent and eventually a first date had in London, where she was living at the time. Then they saw each other almost daily. “It felt very natural. Therefor, I hoped always that the love is overwhelming and not complicated have to, but I had never witnessed.”

The two were married in 2014 and are the parents of twins, Alexander and Ella.

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