Gene that Alzheimer’s causes ’turned off’

San Francisco – there May be a breakthrough in the investigation against the terrible disease of Alzheimer’s disease.

Scientists in California claim that one of the genes in the brain that are suspected of causing the disease can be ’turned off’. That writes the Daily Telegraph.

The researchers of Gladstones Institutes have a protein identified that is associated with the ApoE4-gen They could in one case be so manipulated that it has no other cells could damage them.

The study makes the development of a new drug as possible. The scientists warn for too much optimism: until now, the only laboratory we have succeeded, according to the newspaper.

Of people aged between 65 and 69 years of age, in our country approximately 1% of dementia. But of the people older than 90, on average, 40% suffer from. If family members are, on average, reach old age, then the chances are that dementia in your family plays.

In families with relatively many ” early dementen’, there is often an unfavorable combination of genes. The most famous of these genes is ApoE4, the risk of Alzheimer’s disease increases. There are, however, dozens of genes are known that our risk of dementia affect.

Some concerns, for example, that the brain damaging processes are not well able to fight. Other make sure that we are more likely to vaatschade and a third means, for example, that our immune system is not working optimally, writes Alzheimer’s disease in the Netherlands.

The chance of dementia for 65-69 year olds is 1%, for 70-74 grow to 2%, 75-79 i that 7%, 80-84 18%, 85-90 years 33% and for the 90+’ers is the chance increased to 40%, according to Alzheimer the Netherlands.

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