Controversial decision makers Westworld appeared to stunt

The idea of the creators of Westworld to the plot of the upcoming second season already price to give spoilers to avoid, was a joke.

Evan Rachel Wood

The video Monday night on YouTube was put starts promising, but soon there comes an unexpected turn as the lead actress Evan Rachel Wood the song Never Gonna Give You Up Rick Astley begins to sing.

The so-called rickroll is already more than ten years a well-known internetgrap which seem to be the video clip of Never Gonna Give You Up is passed, often packaged as an interesting link. Several American media call the publicity stunt of Westworld the height of the rickroll.

Earlier Monday announced creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy much to the surprise of many, that they all the secrets of the HBO series wanted to expose to spoilers to avoid.

The second season of Westworld is from april 23 on HBO. In the new series also has the Dutch Katja Herbers a role.

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