‘Arrest may peace agreement to fail’

After the arrest of a leader of the former guerrillaorganisatie FARC, the former rebels warned of a failure of the peace process in Colombia.

‘With the arrest of our comrade Jesús Santrich, the peace process reaches a critical point, which is the beginning of a real failure of the peace agreement can usher in’, said the guerrilla movement born political party SAID Tuesday.

Drug trafficking

Santrich would be after the signing of the peace agreement between the FARC and the Colombian government have been involved in drug trafficking in the United States. The US have extradition, along with three other FARC members, asked. They suspect the four of them 10,000 kg of cocaine to the US smuggled.

“The arrest of Santrich is part of a plan by the U.s. government, with the support of the public prosecutor-general, to the political governance of our party to decapitate and the vredesdroom of the Colombian population to be buried’, it sounds in the announcement of the FARC.

The FARC and the government had by the end of 2016 with a peace treaty put an end to the more than 50-year internal conflict with around 220.000 deaths in the South American country. The rebels laid down their arms and want to, henceforth, as a political movement for their objectives come to mind.

President Juan Manuel Santos received his negotiations with the FARC, the Nobel prize for Peace.

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