Amber Heard makes scheidingsmiljoenen to children’s hospital

Amber Heard has her promise fulfilled, and a considerable amount of money was transferred to the children’s hospital of Los Angeles. The money comes from the settlement that she and Johnny Depp found around their separation in 2016.

From papers that TMZ in your hands, it turns out that Heard is included in a list with ‘eredonateurs’ of the hospital, people who past year between 1 and 5 million dollars have been donated.

The actress promised two years ago, the 7 million that they got from Depp to donate to two charities: the children’s hospital where they are all longer for commitment and human rights organisation ACLU. In the latter organization would the money go to projects for female victims of violence. Heard accused Depp of domestic violence during their marriage, which is little more than a year lasted.

After the commitment, it took a while before the donations actually came in. According to TMZ was that because the parties steggelden about who the tax benefit that the donations cause if reused.

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