Also Sweet & Aljosja and Tim & Esther are still happy Blind Married

Monday you saw it in Blind Married: today, five months after their “yes”, his next Show, and Three, also Sweet and Aljosja and Tim and Esther still happily married. That brings the success rate of this third season, a whopping sixty percent.

The personalized huistegel that Tim a few weeks back already had, is already in use and placed against the façade. Puzzling to their wedding picture splashed the passion there might not be, but Tim and Esther are very happy. Soon attracts Esther officially with him. “I can say that this ‘love’ is”, says Esther. “We are going to a beautiful future together to meet”.

Sweet and Aljosja were seeking, but they also seem to find each other and make plans for the future, with among other things a trip. Dear: “I think we are still on the right track. It is not of boem patat in love with, but there are feelings, otherwise it would be weird that we are still together. We are the past months to each other grown. In the beginning I found it difficult to do that, but now I can really pronounce that we have a relationship.”

Aljosja adds: “neither of us was a fool in love, but after five weeks of the experiment, we have decided to continue to give a chance. In the beginning, we were still “a bit” is this now 100% what we search?’, but in the meantime we are back three months beyond that point and are going well between us”.

In The Latest News to tell Dear & Aljosja that they had not been revoked. Aljosja: “Dear still has her apartment in Bruges, I mine in Ghent. We feel We are not ready yet for the rent and our old life. We try five nights at the seven. That works great, and so there is still time for friends and hobbies. Dear and I are just a little over four months together. How many couples go so soon to live together?”

Also Show and Three have still suspended, but now they live together in a Duffel. The couple is clearly very convinced of each other. “I can say that I’m in love on you,” smiles Three and the Show can only agree. “I think not only that we have a successful match, we are just sure of it.”

The other couples hit the spark as conscience. Damiano and Wendy are good friends and the next friend of Wendy is already warned. “The next man that you are going to encounter, which goes very well for you should worry and who should do all right, I will come to that check,” says Damiano.

Marjolein got after the break up with Mike quite a few comments about themselves on social media. “It is very fierce, but the ordinary life is his routine on the go and that is good for me”, says Marjolein. “I have absolutely no regrets that I them have participated.” The chilly relationship between her and Mike seems in the meantime thawed. Especially when it appears that Mike with Valentine’s day an enthusiastic letter received with nudity.

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