Adele, Taylor Swift, Drake, and recordclip ‘Despacito’ victims of Youtube hackers

It has all the appearance of several Youtube accounts of major pop artists today, has fallen victim to hackers. The music video for hit single ‘Despacito’, the song of Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, who a few days ago the first Youtube video ever, the mark of 5 billion views, was removed. When users navigate to the clip search they end up on a video in which a group of masked men with guns to the camera aim. Below the video are the words ‘Free Palestine’.

In all probability, the account of Vevo hacked. That account offers clips from the artists at three major record companies are connected: Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group. So are the music videos of, among others, Drake, Taylor Swift, Adele, Chris Brown, Shakira, Maroon 5, Selena Gomez, and Katy Perry hit. Some clips are still available, but the titles and thumbnails are custom.

Also the account of Luis Fonsi is in the victims. A few days after his clip of “Despacito” as the first Youtube video ever five billion views got the video removed.

One of the hackers claims that they are using a script to have the video titles to change. In a tweetreeks requires an individual with the alias Kuroi SH the responsibility for the hack on. According to information on the various accounts of Kuroi SH would be the hacker and owner of Poodle Corp, a notorious hackerscollectief that behind the cyber attack on the mobile game Pokémon Go in 2016. Last month was a founding member of the group, the 20-year-old Zachary Buchta, is still sentenced to three months in prison for his part in the hacking of thousands of websites worldwide and the online harassment of users.

The caption ‘Free Palestine’ suggests that the hackers their support to the Palestinian state, which is now embroiled in a dispute with Israel, in which dozens of people were killed by Israeli bullets. The large-scale Palestinian protests at the border between Gaza and Israel are already two weeks underway. There is, inter alia, called for the return of the Palestinian refugees.

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