Actor T. J. Miller arrested after false bomb alert

T. J. Miller was Monday night arrested at the airport of New York. The comedian and Silicon Valley-actor would be in march a hoax bomb have done.

That writes The Hollywood Reporter.

Miller called on 18 march, during a train ride from Washington to New York, the police with the announcement that a woman with brown hair and a scarf, “a bomb in her bag”. The train was stopped and examined by bomexperts. They found no evidence of explosive material on board.

After the actor his story to the police had done, were there inconsistencies in there. Moreover, it was Miller in a train and he had been drinking. The actor would be angry at the woman and, therefore, the false report have done.


The 36-year-old actor is accused of ‘deliberately pass false information to the police’ and could be awarded a prison term of five years.

The arrest comes four months after allegations of sexual abuse and violence, and his address. Miller would be in college, a woman have struck when they had sex, which makes her a bloody lip resulted. The woman claimed that he took her without her consent, would have penetrated. During a second event would, he made her almost choke.

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