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Wout van Aert writes emotional letter to his deceased comrade and deletes journey to the funeral to be live in

Wout van Aert has written an emotional letter letter to say goodbye to Michael Goolaerts, his team mate/comrade Sunday during Paris-Roubaix died, probably due to the effects of a cardiac arrest. Van Aert and Goolaerts his region and age group. For the world champion cyclo-cross is the loss hard.

“Today no koersrelaas on my website. Because it just doesn’t matter. Yes, I had weeks to Paris-Roubaix – my favorite kasseiklassieker – work. I wanted to make a strong spring on the way round in style. With a great performance, and then together with Sarah, to enjoy a well deserved vacation. Unfortunately, it is completely different season: all the results of the past spring and disappear in the nothing at the death of our team mate Michael Goolaerts. So I close my wegcampagne with a weel very bitter aftertaste.”

“It remains unreal. I know Michael since I prospective. We are both born in the year ‘94 and also, coming from the same region. We rates so for a very long time together, albeit as rivals. Only since last year, we are teammates. I remember Michael as an always cheerful guy. Never bad mood and always extremely motivated. A barrel full of talent, even if he had a little more time to grow than myself. He had this year, besides a large step forward. That he is still a very spring for me wegcijferde, says it all about his mentality.”

“Paris-Roubaix was also Michael droomkoers. Last Wednesday we went with the team Hell even explore. Michael dripped the enthusiasm there. Also during the course – once the early flight left – we talked to each other yet. He would take me as long as possible to assist. It is there not more to come. No, I have during the race, never knew what was going on. The team management has taken the decision to me, not inform, and I think that was the right choice. Everyone was at that time still in the dark about Michael and his condition. The hope would be remained for a long time intact.”

“Only after the match I’m informed about the situation. The following hours I worked together with the team mates spent. First on the team bus, and later in the teamhotel in Nazareth. We sought support from each other, while we continue to hope for a positive signal. That is, unfortunately, not more. late in the Evening has Michael lost the battle. A fight that he apparently could not win. L’enfer du Nord mène au paradis, is the slogan of Paris-Roubaix. I don’t know what I’m on today, with proposals…”

“How big the defeat yesterday was also, it seems like it this morning upon waking really penetrated. I’m not only a super teammate, but also a good friend lost. Sarah and I have now decided to take our trip – we would Wednesday for a three week roadtrip along the Us west Coast departures – off to order. We would still not enjoy it. And I want to the funeral of Michael in no case miss. That trip to the States, will there ever be still. After the funeral, we are planning perhaps a shorter alternative holiday. Matter of a little bit of breath.”

“Finally, I want to, in the name of Sarah and myself, everyone that Michael loves a lot of strength to wish. May I have a call to do it? Please, keep the memory of Michael alive! Remember him like I will do: if that mischievous guy with that eternal smile. It will always be an inspiration to continue. Rest in peace up there, mate!”

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