These fonts are based on the handwriting of famous musicians

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Songwriters Fonts is a very interesting project of designers Nicolas Damiens and Julien Sens. They analysed the handwriting of Kurt Cobain, David Bowie, John Lennon, Leonard Cohen and Serge Gainsbourg, and made each musician a custom font. These are free to download.

The handwriting says a lot about someone’s personality. There are a lot of studies devoted to establishing connections between written words and character traits. In this case, it is not so much to psychological analysis, but to ultimately design of the font.


There are plenty of fonts to find that are based on handwriting, but it is often beautifully written and elegant letters. In this case, it’s all much more personal and therefore careless. Or better said: more human. There are few people who make notes in their best handwriting.

A good example is the handwriting and the font of Kurt Cobain. We all know that he greatly struggled with inner demons and that he at the same time terribly creative. His handwriting seems that all to summarize. It is nonchalant, poetic, but you’ll also see the fear. A big difference with the stylish letters of Cohen, the neat handwriting of Lennon and the artistic of Bowie.

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