The Young laughs at balende Players

Luuk de Jong already saw it for themselves how the players of Ajax, and fans of the Amsterdam club in front of the television sat. Like PSV, the question did in Alkmaar against AZ (2-3).

PSV striker Luuk de Jong

“Went to the toilet and get a drink. You come back, it is suddenly 2-3”, laughed The Young, that with PSV in five minutes time, three times hit. “This really felt like a sleutelwedstrijd for us.”

The striker has surprised slightly on the naive way that AZ continued to play football against the frontrunner. “AZ continued to be very open play. If you in the final 2-0 advantage, it seems to me sensible, if you have the very compact, very small. Then, it would be hard to have to go through. Now we had really the feeling that we are still able to come, because we are already 2-1 a couple of times close to that aansluitingstreffer were. We’re just gas.”

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