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So, you come to know whether your data by Facebook abused

Facebook users whose data may have fallen in dataonderzoeker Cambridge Analytica will be Monday from 18: 00 to be informed via a notification at the top of their Facebook feed. In total, 87 million users have been affected.

Affected facebook users will today get a notification. All the Facebookers will anyway, at the top of their news feed with a link to see which helps them to see what apps they use and what information they share with apps. Users will have apps that they no longer want, delete it.

Cambridge Analytica acquired the data of the Facebookers through a personality test, Thisismydigitallife, that some of the affected users have completed. This gave the company access to their data and that of their friends.

– If your data is misused are:

The users whose data have been misused, will get to read that ” we the website This is your digital life, where one of your Facebook friends ever logged in, banned from Facebook. We do that because the web site some of your information on Facebook abused can have them to share with a company called Cambridge Analytica.’

– If your data is not misused:

In people who have not become the victim of the privacyschandaal, will also make a message appear. There will stand that by clicking on the link, more insight in their data and how much that will be shared. ‘You can make it to the ” Apps and Websites, where you are at any time can go to see which apps and websites you are already logged in to Facebook.’


In Belgium there were eight people who took the test performed. Facebook, already know that the 61,000 is affected Belgians don’t necessarily all be traced back to that eight – they can also friends have been with people abroad who have the test done.

The Belgian privacy Commission is working on a European investigation into the case. Secretary of state for Privacy Philippe De Backer had already know, that affected the Belgians informed as more information comes out.


In a message on its own website lijstte Facebook last week, all nine changes that already have been implemented. “We expect to be in the coming months more changes will do”, sounds.

The data of facebook users would have served to, among others, the American presidential election of 2016. The European Commission reported Friday, based on info from the social networking websites, among them 2.7 million Europeans. In Belgium it would be around 61.000 people.

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