Rabbi Malinsky wants winnable place on the Antwerp CD&V list

The Antwerp rabbi Aaron Malinsky shares in the upcoming municipal elections behind CD&V. Perhaps he gets a prominent place on the Antwerp list, so messages The Morning and The Latest News today.

Several parties pulled on the sleeve of the rabbi Aaron Malinsky (far right in photo), who a few years ago, became popular by his participation in the tv programme ‘The Smartest Man in the World’, but his choice is fixed. “I want to be me CD&V scissors”, he says. “Because they are the only ones that the confines of our community to defend. The liberals do that less, because they are against the anaesthetized slaughter and circumcision.”

Or he is also on the list, is not entirely sure. Malinsky is best to be prepared, and also CD&V wants the. Much depends on the place that the christian democrats for him left. “I would like to do this, but I also want to know if I am elected can hit,” he says.

Malinsky is a board member of the largest jewish community in Antwerp. He continues the dialogue between jews, christians and muslims. In 2006 he had already once for sp.a, but hit just not elected.

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