Praise for ‘clever and sneaky’ PSV attackers

Telesport-rapporteur is of the opinion that the PSV-fans especially Gaston Pereiro and Luuk de Jong may owe after the spectacular comeback at AZ: 2-3 victory.

Luuk de Jong wins a kopduel.

Already got the leader also helps the Alkmaarders. At the aansluitingstreffer of Gaston Pereiro saw it there defensively not strong on the side of AZ, so he thought.

“The defenders handled much too far from him. Pereiro had all the time and space to get the ball inside to shoot. Also, this is a quality of him,” said Silooy. He rewarded the attacker of PSV with a 7.

“Pereiro scored in almost all matches. Sometimes you see him all the time, but he stands there still at the time that it must. Pereiro is a master to be very sneaky to get somewhere to dive and then to score.”

Luuk de Jong was tienminuten for time after a corner kick, according to arbitrator Kevin Blom held by Ron Vlaar. Marco van Ginkel could provide the winning goal. “There is always everything in the sixteen and I thought this was not a penalty. In the first half was the same kind of situation with The Young. I thought that was more a penalty than this situation.”

“But Luuk is doing this, of course, very clever. He will be going three times per match to the ground. Thus, he plays the referee. That is also a quality of a good striker. He does everything for the victory and has the happiness that the decision of Blom in his favor fails. The Young played in the final in any case good. He is stronger for what he was worth. I have him a 7.”

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