Orbán is heading off again on a two-thirds majority in Hungary

In Hungary, the right-populist and eurosceptic prime minister Viktor Orbán and his party Fidesz in the parliamentary elections won.

With nearly all ballots counted, the party may rely on 48,8 percent of the votes, as appears from the figures that the national electoral council Sunday night published. The turnout was 70 per cent was exceptionally high.

The strongest opposition party is the extreme right Jobbik (Better) with 19.6 percent of the votes. The socialist party MSZP was supported by 12.4 percent of the voters, the ecological LMP, or 7.0 percent and the left-liberal DK 5.6 percent.


Orbán seems with this result, for the third time in a row on a two-thirds majority in the parliament to be able to count, which the constitution can adapt. In the previous elections in 2014 had an election result of 45 percent to 133 of the 199 seats. According to analysts, would be ” with the current score of 134 seats bringing.

For the precise allocation of seats is, however, to wait until the final results. The seats in the parliament are two ways to spread: 106 seats go to candidates per constituency to be elected, the candidate with the most votes is elected. The 93 the other seats are proportionally distributed on the basis of the results at the national level. The final results will be only in the course of the week is expected, after the votes of the hundreds of thousands of voters who live abroad, are counted.

‘Historic victory’

Orbán called the results shortly after midnight, in itself, a ‘historic victory that gives us the opportunity to Hungary to continue to protect’. “The high turnout takes all doubts away’, says the premier.

He immediately got a lot of support of other extreme right-wing politicians in Europe. So congratulated Geert Wilders of the Dutch PVV him on Twitter with his victory, just as Marine Le Pen of the French Front National, which speaks of a ‘great and clear victory’. The vice-president of the German AfD, Beatrix von Storch, rejoices also with Orbáns victory and makes mention of ‘a bad day for the EU, but a good day for Europe”.

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