Orban and the extreme-right, one battle

The convincing victory of Viktor Orban in Hungary threatens a fast compromise in the EU, migration is more difficult to make.

The German chancellor, Angela Merkel, and Manfred Weber, the leader of the christendemocratisch-conservative EPP group in the European Parliament, were among the first ones to their European partijgenoot …

The German chancellor, Angela Merkel, and Manfred Weber, the leader of the christendemocratisch-conservative EPP group in the European Parliament, were among the first ones to their European partijgenoot Viktor Orban success wished with his election victory.

They were in the unusual company of far-right parties such as Vlaams belang and the National Front: ‘The inversion of values and the mass-immigration that the EU ophemelt, are again rejected”, send a tweet Marine Le Pen. ‘Orban elect in its policy for sovereignty and let nothing impose by the European Commission, and certainly not immigratiequota, ” said Tom Van Grieken, the president of the Vlaams belang.

Weber immediately got the wind from the front of the Belgian Philippe Lamberts, the leader of the Greens: ‘Weber and his colleagues should be ashamed that they partisan friendship is more important than fundamental rights and democracy. They flatter the worst form of identity politics.’

Continue to work together

Now it is not uncommon in the EU that parties are blind and stupid about the questionable behaviour of European party members, for the benefit of the higher partijbelang. But Weber added something to it: “I look forward to continue to work with you on common solutions for our European challenges.”

A strange pronunciation, if you know that Hungary, under the leadership of Orban for the last two years a group of countries, arguing that a reform is opposing a case is crucial for the future of the EU: the dublin regulation which determines the member state responsible for handling an asylum application.

The European Commission proposed in may 2016, a ‘fairer, more efficient and sustainable system for. The basic principle that asylum seekers file their application in the EU country where they first arrive, remains standing.

But the proposal also provided for an automatic dispersion of flights plan that would take effect as soon as frontlijnstaten as Italy and Greece, and the influx no longer cope. It also enjoys the support of the West European countries that in 2015 most of the asylum seekers received. For months, the negotiations over.

Migration is rust

Orban holds a Sunday, his third consecutive victory by campaigning against this plan. That will, according to him, lead to the massive arrival of muslims: ‘Migration is like rust that Hungary is slowly but certainly would be digest, ” he said Friday during a last meeting.

At the EPP one did in the past weeks strong that Orban discourse and arrangement would change after the elections. He introduced himself as on the extreme-right party Jobbik the wind out of the sails, was heard.

But why would Orban to his successful strategy? Next year there are European elections on the program. His victory, the Hungarian prime minister only strong in his opposition to ‘Brussels’, that he was still on 15 march as a supra-national and antidemocratic described.

Deadline end of June

The Bulgarian presidency are doing everything to reform the dublin regulation track. That is heard at the European Commission. This week there are four meetings scheduled between diplomats and experts. It is the intention to at the European summit in June, as much as possible, approach to find, so there is still one or two political issues are left for the chefs.

On the question whether the victory of Orban, a compromise will be difficult, replied the spokesman of the Commission: ‘We hope still to a quick agreement. We have a reformed, “Dublin” is needed on a permanent basis, the face of migration, rather than through crisis management.’

Merkel showed at the youngest summit at the end of march in Brussels suggest that, if necessary, through a qualified majority must be decided if there is no compromise possible. But that approach was already applied in september 2015 for a dispersion of flights plan to 160,000 asylum seekers: the sleepers went, there was nothing.

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