Naked woman flies Bill Cosby to court

The misbruikzaak against Bill Cosby would Monday at a court just outside of Philadelphia to re-start. But judge Steven O’neill argued the case from the first hearing will be.

The judge first wants to make a decision on one of the twelve members of the jury. According to the legal team Cosby would be the conscious member of the jury during a selection procedure against another potential juror have said that the 80-year-old comedian is guilty. Judges be deemed impartial trial, and, therefore, wants the court first in conversation with the juror. It is unknown if the case goes further.

The delay means a new delay in the case, which, again, is conducted as a jury last year not to form an opinion. Twelve new members of the jury examine the question of whether Cosby is guilty of drugging and abuse of Andrea Constant in 2004. She is one of the dozens of women that Cosby over the past few years have been accused of sexual abuse.

Incidentally, the first hearing will be also characterized by a striking protester. When Cosby in the court arrived, he was almost at the horizon, by a topless woman, actress Nicolle Rochelle. On her body she had the names written of the women that Cosby accusing of abuse. She screamed ‘lives of women matter’. The woman, who was in four episodes of The Cosby Show, was then disposed of by the police.

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