Michiel Huisman recognizes himself rarely in ‘depth interviews’

Michiel Huisman found it generally horrible to be interviewed. “It is never like you want it to be there.”

“In the best case, you hear yourself all of a sudden something formulate that you didn’t know you liked that, but when you have that well. Once in a hundred years. In the worst case, you call tandenknarsend out and get totally frustrated at home,” says the 36-year-old actor in conversation with Kim van Kooten in LINDA.

At press junkets, journalists behind the other short interviews about a film or series, has the actor less difficulty to be interviewed. “Then I turn just my story. Television interviews are also great, since I have control over how I sound.”

The actor will always honestly answer that question. “But at the same time I am so terribly annoyed with the laziness of the questioner, and I am.. (…) was extremely polite, yes.”

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