Merkel and Putin talk about bet un peacekeepers

BERLIN/MOSCOW – German Chancellor Angela Merkel with the Russian president Vladimir Putin spoke about the possible deployment of peacekeepers in Eastern Ukraine. Both according to German government spokesman Steffen Seibert agreed that the agreement of Minsk is swiftly and fully, it must be transformed into action to put an end to the conflict in the area.

The Kremlin said that Merkel and Putin have emphasized that there is no alternative to the peace plan of Minsk. Deployment of a UN peacekeeping force can contribute to the implementation. This will Merkel on Tuesday consultations with the Ukrainian staatschef Petro Porosjenko, who is in Berlin on a visit. The ideas of Kiev and Moscow differ quite a bit. Merkel and Putin are both of the opinion that the truce should anyway continue, as well as the exchange of prisoners.

The developments in Syria were also discussed. Merkel condemned the use of poison gas in Douma strongly.

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