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Manager Goolaerts lost earlier also Rob Goris Wouter Weylandt: “This is hard”

Jef Van den Bosch was the manager of Michael Goolaerts, the Belgian rider who on Sunday died after Paris-Roubaix. Before he lost even though Wouter Weylandt and Rob Goris. “I Michael will be remembered as someone who always has a beaming smile on his face”, he responded.

Van den Bosch went on the past hours through a difficult period. The manager was Saturday in Compiègne the day before the start of Paris-Roubaix, on Sunday he attended the match in France. “When I got the news about the crash learned, I am immediately taken to the hospital of Lille pulled”, he says. “Also last night I was there. The news came as a blow.”

“I’m a manager of Michael since he was at the U23 drive, but I have known him for much longer. We are of the same municipality, Heist-op-den-Berg, and have so long a history together. Along moederkant we are even very far family. Much I do not want to lose. This is hard to, Michael was a boy who always has a smile on his face, an eternal smile and with a huge look. I will always remember him, the boy with the smile.”

For Van den Bosch is already the third departure of a rider, after Wouter Weylandt and Rob Goris. “About that, I want nothing lost,” he declared, “but it speaks for itself that this is hard arrive.”

What the cause of death is a cardiac arrest before the fall or afterwards, is not clear. “There will be an autopsy, that post I made via the media heard and that will be the case. That is standard procedure after such an accident,” says Van den Bosch from experience. “Therefore, it is also not yet clear when the body is repatriated will be, and we know not when we Michael can be buried.”

Coach: “Very surreal”

“This went never and is very surreal,” said Cone, who already had to leave to take of Antoine Demoitié and Daan Myngheer.

“During the race we didn’t know much about the situation of Michael,” says The Cone, which is also second-shift supervisor at Veranda’s Willems-Crelan. “We knew that he had fallen and that it is serious, but not that he had a cardiac arrest had been given. During the course itself, the situation was a double, you’re involved with that match, but you know that something is going on. It is very difficult. You work on auto-pilot, because the course is busy and you have to go through. Only after competition, there was more clarity about the situation. Evening followed the blow when the news of the death broke through.”

The Cone had to be in 2016 already saying goodbye to Antoine Demoitié and Daan Myngheer. “A blow like this went never. I hope it stops now. It is a tragedy for the parents, family and team. You don’t even understand that something like that can happen, so a young rider who has the life.”

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