LIVE – ’Gordon beat Kevin with a knife in his hand’

The court in Lelystad bows today about the matter of Gordon and the man in which he his new love saw. The man, Kevin B., Almere, demands during an interim fully contactverbod. Both Gordon as his alleged ex-friend to be present in the courtroom.

Update 12.26 pm – The lawyer of Gordon responds to the ’threat’ and says that Gordon will be a blow has been given to Kevin, while the presenter a knife was holding. Gordon was under the influence of alcohol, and heavy with emotion when he is behind ’the true nature’ of the resident of almere would have come. According to the lawyer, there was truly no question of a dangerous situation. Also he mentions the tears of Kevin krokodillentranen’, as a resident of almere “also man enough to have a relationship with you”.

Gordon is visibly emotional when his lawyer tells the story of how the presenter is deceived feels. According to the lawyer was Kevin able to know that he is in the publicity that would come, when he’s in a relationship between a known person.

Intended droomman

According to his lawyer, Jaap Versteeg, Gordon the terrible order in the court in front of his intended droomman to sit. The entertainer will feel cheated. The two would, in 2014, already have a relationship, which after three months was all about. Three years later there would be, however, something blossomed. The couple has two time with each other on a holiday to South Africa went.

According to Kevins lawyer, Vincent van der Velde, Kevin regularly anonymous phone calls from Gordon, especially at night. Also would a resident of almere by Gordon have been threatened with a knife, after Kevin asked him the social media reports to delete. Gordon shakes upon hearing of the allegations his head.

Closed meeting

The court has the request of Gordon to the hearing behind closed doors was rejected. According to the court, is the presenter himself with his messages on social media in the public domain.

The RTL presenter continued in February posts on Facebook and Instagram, in which he Kevin presented as his new love. The man claimed soon that there had never been a victim of a love affair and demanded that all the photos where he, together with Gordon on it, and any attribution of social media were removed. Gordon called Kevin on his turn, a con man with a double life would lead.

The interlocutory proceedings seemed to be rather of the job, but the lawyer of Kevin Friday to let you know that it is still continuing. Gordon gave in February already responded to the requirement to have all posts on social media about the man to remove it. It is now going to stop with harassment and stalking, says Kevins lawyer Vincent van der Velde.

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