Linda de Mol was at a young age, molested

Linda de Mol is at the age of 15 raped in the firebreak next to the house where she lived.

That says the 53-year-old presenter in the editorial of her own magazine LINDA.

“He pushed me to the hedge, his hands were everywhere, he ripped my blouse is broken and it is that a friend of mine from the barn, saw this happen and began to scream that he let go and ran away.”

The Mol did with her mother reported to the police, but the man who was later arrested and admitted the perpetrator to be, it turned out eventually not to be. “He had so many women harassed that he apparently no longer knew who not and those who do.”

Sexual intercourse

According to the presenter, there would be at schools more attention for sexual intercourse. “Teach children the biological facts and be alerted to unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases, but talking with each other about when something unwanted or as unpleasant or threatening, or humiliating experience, ho.”

Also parents have a job, to find The Mole. “As a parent, you can’t emphasize that you are in a situation that does not feel good very clear no need to say.”

The new edition of LINDA, who is from Wednesday in the shops, is in the sign of #metoo. Arie Boomsma tells in the magazine about his experiences with Job Gosschalk, who last year by multiple actors was accused of sexually crossing behavior.

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