Linda de Mol at the age of 15 raped

Linda de Mol has in a candid column told that they are at the age of 15 is raped. The incident took place in the firebreak next to her house. It was by ’someone’ who are against the fence stood, grabbed.

“His hands were everywhere. He ripped my blouse is broken and it is that a friend of mine from the barn, saw this happen and began to scream that he let go and ran away”, writes Linda in the LINDA.

Together with her mother did the host declaration. There was a suspect arrested who are well known, but his story turned out to be wrong. “He had so many women harassed is that he apparently did not even knew who is not and who does.”

According to Linda, there would be at school more attention should be how to deal with sexuality. “Teach children the biological facts and be alerted to unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases, but talking with each other about when something unwanted or as unpleasant or threatening, or humiliating experience, ho.”

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