Lily Allen: “I was molested”

The British pop singer Lily Allen has a podcast of the British journalist and presenter James O’brien on the occasion of her fourth solo album ‘No Shame’ stated that they raped was “already taken legal action.”

During the recording of the podcast was the subject of Weinstein and his crimes broached. Also the reasons why people now come forth with their stories about sexual harassment were discussed. On that point has shared All her personal story. The singer added that she is not on attention or money by the news to make it public. “If I had money, I had a civil lawsuit filed, and there is a non-disclosure agreement when attached.”

“I can there was little to say, because I am busy with a case,” said Allen. “I find it interesting that some people think that there is something to be gained by such stories to share. I rather think that most of those women did not want more wear and tell their story to.”

In a recent interview with Vice, pulled All the impact of the support of celebrities to the #MeToo movement in doubt: “What has it removed? Who is arrested? Who is there in the cell flown? If Harvey Weinstein accused of 52 murders, he would now be behind bars.”

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